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Airdrie Airpark: 2003 and Now  -  camera, pen, knapsack, wings...
Waterloo to Calgary in a Cessna 150
A few scenes of Airdrie Airpark (near Calgary) in 2003: FZ-Oscar was assigned a tie-down spot in an empty space in the line of small aircraft along the taxiway. There was an old WWII-vintage hangar on the site. The park was being developed for various businesses. The runway had just been extended and paved earlier, with work still ongoing in 2003. There was no aviation gas available yet, so Werner had to bring gasoline in canisters from a gas station in Airdrie for local flights. Update post 2003: Beware, since car gasoline now contains ethanol, it is no longer useable as fuel in a Cessna 150! 
Friday, July 11 - Leg 13: Medicine Hat to Airdrie
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