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1) Flight Planning
At start-up, Werner listens to ATIS (information, mainly weather conditions) and jots it down in his flight checklist on a clipboard on his lap. Other flight data is added enroute. For example:


Detail:  Distance Date Start Take-off Landing Stop Air time Flight time ATIS: Wind Press Ceiling Visibility Precipitation Runway
CYKF-CYZE 323 km 174 nm July 7 16:10 16:17 18:42 18:43 2.4 hr. 2.5 hr. E 210/7 2986 1000 7 0 14


Waterloo Regional Airport to Gore Bay Airport Distance from airport to airport in kilometres Distance in nautical miles (1 nm = 1.852 km) Started engine at 4:10 p.m. Actual take-off at 4:17 p.m. Touched down at 6:42 p.m. Engine turned off at 6:43 p.m. Time from take-off to landing Time from start to stop A.T. Information Service - See Explanations.  From SW (210 degrees), 7 nm per hour (7 knots) Air pressure: 29.86 inches of mercury Cloud layer at 1000 ft. above ground You can see as far as 7 nautical miles Not raining (or snowing...) Runway to be used at departure: 14.               See Explanations.
WEIGHT AND BALANCE CHECKLIST  TOTAL PACKED: 85.5 lb.  I. AIRPLANE STUFF - TOTAL 44 lb. - 10 lb. airplane maintenance stuff  - 13 lb. flying accessories (headsets ca. 2.5 lb.) -13 lb. laptop in case, & stuff incl. maps & charts  II. PHOTOGRAPHY STUFF - TOTAL 8.6 lb. - 5 lb. digital camera in case with stuff - 2.5 lb. other camera accessories - 1 lb. charger  III. HILDEGARD'S PURSE, ETC. - TOTAL 4 lb -purse incl. cell phone & stuff -toiletries, vitamins, snacks  IV. SURVIVAL STUFF - TOTAL 26 lb. (We're flying over northern Ontario wilderness!) - 7 lb. tent, pole, pegs - 9 lb. sleeping bags & ponchos (no underlay) - 5.5 lb. hiking boots & socks - 2.5 lb. fleece sweaters & camping towels - 2 lbs. raincoats & pants  V. PACKED EXTRA CLOTHING - TOTAL 3 lb. (We're going shopping in Calgary...) - jeans (1 pr. each) - shorts (1 pr. each) - short-sleeved shirts/tops (2-3 each) - underwear - bathing suits  -  camera, pen, knapsack, wings...
Waterloo to Calgary in a Cessna 150
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